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Name's meaning: Tyrant Lizard King

Pronounciation: tie-RAN-o-SAWR-us rex

Physical Description:
Tyrannosaurus rex had two legs and was 40 feet long. It's jaws were up to 4 feet long and it's teeth grew up to be 13 inches long. Tyrannosaurus rex had bumpy skin like a crocodile. Some scientists think T. Rex could go up to 15 MPH. The T-REX weighed 5-7 tons. It's arms were 3 feet long. T. Rex had a stride length of around 12 to 15 feet.

Young Earth Age:
Alive sometime in the last 6000 years.

Old Earth Age:
According to old earth scientists, T-Rex lived in the Cretacious Period, about 85-65 million years ago.

It was a carnivore (meat eating dinosaur).

Fossil locations:
T-Rex fossils have been found in north west America.

Classification: tetanurans.

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